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Hegemon’s Meal 

© PAT DUDEK 2014

Obezwładniający / Incapacitating

© PAT DUDEK 2014

Pani Sprzątaczka, syf, japierdole

© PAT DUDEK 2014

Pat Dudek / Under de si by LUIS GARAY / DIEGO BIANCHI  MALTA festival POZNAŃ - 27.06 / 28.08

Under de si is simultaneously a happening, an exhibition and a performance. The audience is literally drawn into an autonomous world created by Luis Garay and Diego Bianchi, in which dozens of performers in twenty scenes and situations reveal the comic and tragic nature of our “relationship” with commodities. In this project, the boundary between reality and fiction becomes blurred. The artists do not tell a story or build a narrative; they cede this task to the audience, who look at elements of their world as if these were finds from the past. We explore this odd museum that is both familiar and strange, and enhance its history with our own perspective.

show intended for for audience of 18 +—diego-bianchi-under-de-si

Neomaleficis I (anti-portrait)

© PAT DUDEK 2014